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The one AI chatbot that distinguishes itself by understanding complex questions and cases! Almost no training necessary! Let us develop your chatbot with the resources of Beratics!

Sure, it can answer any question in many languages, without caring about the length, formulation and complexity of the query. But, it can also change the address of your customer, book tickets, make reservations or give them a call in order to tell them something... It can also do live chat .We do not only build intelligent chatbots , but we also build better relationships with your customers through automation of your workflows.


Our solutions

We build better relationships through technology, each in a different way, but with the same target. The unique technology of Beratics enables our bots to undestand complex sentences, even paragpraphs and can give straight answers to frequently asked questions. Our bots can even interpret the language in the framework of legal issues without extra training. Our bots fit perfectly for applications such as; Human Resources Chatbots, Chatbots for complex service questions and government service chatbots. However, we also love to use our bot for easier tasks, where they perform very well too and will add value to your business. A good way to measure this added value is to look at return-on-investment (ROI). Chatbots will have different (ROI) for each corporation. Our experience enables us to understand your business needs and give you the best solution while maximing your ROI. The hardest parameter to measure in the ROI equation is the change in customer satisfaction, which can only be measured after the implementation of the chatbot. But, we can give you a hint thanks to our knowledge based on data from various industries.

Building customer specific chatbots

Determining your chatbot concept, and architecture according to your infrastructure. We build and integrate the bot.

Building your bot on a pre-determined platform by you and integrating it

Do you already know what you need and from whom? Well, we will gladly take the responsibility building it and integrating it.

Redesigning your available chatbot

Do you have a chatbot that does not fit anymore to your website design or does not have the desired functionalities? Let us redesign it and add functionilities such as live chat or FAQs answering.

Training your bot, educating your team about chatbots and their operations

Do you already have a chatbot that needs training? Or do you want to train your bot by yourself and do not know how? Let us help you!

About Us

Beratics is all about automation of communication. Our vision is to eliminate repetitive communication in professional written conversations and leave every human enough time and space to focus on creative activities. That is why, we have developed a technology which requires basically no training from customer side and can understand the similarities between sentences. Through this we can basically automate your response mechanism to any question in any language. The automation technology of Beratics was developed at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and hence we got the spinoff label for our technology.

  • We develop user-friendly design which meets the state-of-the-art and unique technology.
  • We handle everything about your Chatbot, including servicing after initial development, except watching your live dashboard.
  • We focus on one project at a time, enabling us to use all our resources for one customer to achieve high-quality work and deliver the best possible solution at the time.

Our team consists of highly qualified ETH engineers and advisors from the biggest technology companies in the world. Click learn more to get to know about us in detail.

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Application Areas of Chatbots


A chatbot is a new channel for better customer service and personalized product suggestions. Customers shop online because of many reasons. However, if they go to a physical store and ask for the best gift for their beloved ones, they get many suggestions from professionals. Our chatbot can understand what the customer specifically wants and suggest the right product after the customer asks the questions such as; "What is the trendy gift to buy for my mother who is older than 50 years old?". Our bot understands such complex situations without training and suggest the right products.


Most of the teachers know what students will not understand before they even make a question out of the confusion. Teachers are generally asked the same question each year by different students. What about a bot that can understand and reply to the complex questions the students might ask with various formulations? Beratics Chatbot has the most suited technology that will answer all kinds of FAQs from students and thus eliminating the repetitive communication between students and teachers. In this way, teachers can focus on more creative tasks and students can get their answers 24/7.


The quality of the customer service plays an important role to grow in insurance industry and to keep the customers happy. According to the various statistics the biggest reason for customers to change the insurer is a slow and complicated customer service and not a small price difference. The chatbots for the insurance industry must be able to understand the very specific questions from customers. Insurance companies have generally very complicated websites with many complex FAQs. What about a chatbot, that can generalize the specific case or claim and gives the right answer to any question in 24/7? Beratics Chatbot is available in many languages, so it fits perfectly for insurance companies which serve people with various mother tongues.

Chatbot for Human Resources or internal communication

Human resources must confront daily with repetitive issues and answer the same questions each day. Of course the answer must be correct for any special case and might contain dates, names of people and numbers from salary declaration, contract etc. What about a chatbot, that fill in the gaps according to the information in the question and asks to your human resources professional for the final approval? We have already implemented similar solutions through progressive web-apps.

Chatbots for B2B or to give product details

Does your company have thousands of products and get frequently asked about the feature of each product or which product is the right fit for an application? It is a hard task to educate people who will understand each product of your company and can answer straight away which product is the right one for your customer. Beratics chatbot can understand questions such as: "Which capacitor to buy for my home speakers which have the best filtering and have the voltage range of 250-400V?"

Chatbots for other industries or applications

Beratics also develops chatbots that can change an entry in your database or can inform the customer about their order, resolve billing issues or show them invoices. Beratics is able to integrate OCR into chatbots. Your customers can upload documents, such as bills and get straight explanations to their issues. E.g. if a customer does not understand the bill and some entries confuse them, they can uplaod directly the bill and ask their question. In this way, the chatbot will know what the entry is and give a straight definition of the entry, so the customer knows what all the charges are for!

Chatbot development pricing

We already have a pre-built chatbot that will also be the skeleton for any chatbot that we will develop.

AI Bot to answer FAQs

CHF from 1500Development costs

  • Answer all your FAQs
  • Multilingual up-to 9 languages
  • Integrated in your website
  • Designed for you
  • No training necessary
  • Get feedback about customer satisfaction
  • Get feedback to increase your FAQs database
  • Easily add more FAQs
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AI Bot with full features

CHF from 32000Development costs

  • Builds on AI Bot to handle complex tasks
  • Dashboard for chatbot analytics; for rule-based and live-agent
  • Integrated sentiment analysis module for chatbot analytics
  • Take customer specific actions; such as change address, get invoice details, etc.
  • Connecting it to your CRM, ERP or other systems
  • Installing it wherever you like with Docker containers
  • Integrating it wherever you like
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a FAQs chatbot?

    A FAQs chatbot answers simply frequently-asked-questions. It is not rule-based and it does not require training.

  • At Beratics we use open source programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML and CSS. According to the necessity; either we use our own models in natural language processing or use third party resources from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, etc.

  • Contact us to learn more about our references and customers who use our bots.

  • We have deep knowledge and experience about chatbot industry as well as natural language processing technologies. We have developed our own models which have more precision than many big industry leaders. We are not simply a services company but a technology & services company.

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